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Our Training Program Coverage Areas

LifePlus International empowers and trains our candidates in both Agricultural training programs and Non-Agricultural training programs in Nigeria. Our training programs are all-encompassing, covering all the fundamentals, secondary and related topics regarding the program. Building up professionals through our wealth of knowledge and experience in these industries, LifePlus Foundation International is the perfect place to pick up life skills that can help you make a fortune.

In just one year of establishment, LifePlus International has setup 6 farms, disbursed more than 30 thousand dollars in loans, and trained more than 18,000 professionals. Our coverage areas for programs can be found below.

Agric Sector


Poultry Farming

We cover robust programs on Poultry Business, covering everything you need to know about poultry farming in Nigeria, and poultry investment in Nigeria at LifePlus International. Apply for our poultry training today!


Crop Farming

Startup your Crop Farming in Nigeria and make money being a professional farmer, learning how to manage and grow your farm, either large scale or small scale at LifePlus.


Snail Farming

Snail farming in Nigeria is a lucrative business but very difficult to embark on. Learn all the tricks, tips and fundamentals needed to run a successful snail farm at LifePlus. Apply for our snail farm training today!


Mushroom Farming

Learn the nitty-gritty involved in mushroom farming in Nigeria at LifePlus Foundation International and start your mushroom farm.Apply for our mushroom farm training today!


Pig Farming

Start your piggery today with LifePlus International and learn everything you need to know about Pig Farming in Nigeria and Pork Business. Enroll for our pig farm training today!


Goat Farming

Start your Goat Farm today with LifePlus International and learn everything you need to know about Commercial Goat Farming, Goat rearing and Goat Farming Business. Enroll for our goat farm training today!


Rabbit Farming

Start your Rabbit Farm today with LifePlus International and learn everything you need to know about Rabbit rearing in Nigeria, Rabbit feeding and business. Apply for our rabbit training program today!


Grasscutter Farming

Start your a lucrative grasscutter business today with LifePlus International and learn everything you need to know about grasscutter farming, grasscutter rearing in Nigeria and making a fortune in the business.


Vegetable Farming

You are just a second away from starting up a successful vegetable farm, pick up all the fundamental skills and lessons you need at LifePlus International. Learn Vegetable Farming Today!



Fish Farming

Learn fish farming, and how to setup your fresh water and salt water fish ponds here at LifePlus International. Enroll for our fish farming training program today!


Bee Keeping

Learn the art of bee keeping and honey extraction at LifePlus International, with our extensive program that covers everything that you need to know. Enroll  for our beekeeping training in Nigeria today!


Animal Feed Production

Animal feed production has never been this easy, LifePlus International is offering an extensive Animal Feed Production training program. Learn the fundamentals and the business of animal feed manufacturing.


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